Beautiful Skin is Just a Spa Trip Away

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment used to rejuvenate the skin. It is a nearly painless procedure, with little downtime. It includes an electrically powered machine with tiny needles that make precise, microscopic punctures in the skin. These “micro-channels” do not leave scars; they work by helping to stimulate the skin to repair itself naturally through a process called dermal remodeling.

  • Create a lighter and brighter skin tone
  • Reduce pore size and sebum production
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Stimulate new cell growth and turnover
  • Help skin heal cystic acne and reduce acne scaring

Microneedling of the same body part must be done a minimum of 4 weeks apart.

  • Face
    Single Treatment – $200
    3 Session Package – $525
    6 Session Package – $1025

  • Face, Neck & Decolletage
    Single Treatment – $250
    3 Session Package – $675
    6 Session Package – $1325

  • Chest & Shoulder
    Single Treatment – $250
    3 Session Package – $675
    6 Session Package – $1325

Face, Neck & Decolletage Add-Ons
(Single Treatment Only)
Nanoneedling eyes and lips – $25
Dermaplaning – $30

Focused Cellulite Microneedling: Consultation required for treatment plan and pricing.

Smooth the appearance of cellulite with microneedling treatments!!

Yes! Microneedling really can reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. Many clients are surprised to learn that the treatment they use to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring on the face can also be used on the body to smooth the appearance and feel of cellulite. If your goal is to reduce, blur, or smooth the appearance of cellulite without surgery, then this is the nonsurgical non-invasive treatment you’ve been looking for. It’s time to tackle the most visible sign of aging on the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Please call for details.

“Beautiful skin requires a commitment,
not a miracle.”

Erno Lazlo