Leaves are turning green and flowers are starting to bloom! Spring has arrived! This season of renewal is a great time to wake up your skin from its long winter slumber. If you’ve neglected your cleansing and purifying routine during your winter hibernation, it’s time to spring clean your skin and restore the radiance.

Keep your brushes pristine

One of the first steps to spring skincare is ensuring your tools are clean and pristine. A dirty makeup brush can be bad for your skin, spreading bacteria and potentially causing breakouts. For a foundation brush, like our I BEAUTY flawless foundation brush, weekly cleaning can help reduce the build-up of your favorite foundations or concealers, as well as dirt and oil build up. Brushes for eyes and lips can be cleaned less regularly, but you should still try to clean them along with your complexion brushes so you don’t forget!

For a thorough clean, simply use warm water and a gentle soap or brush cleanser. Start by wetting your brush with warm water, then add a small amount of soap or cleanser. Massage the soap or cleanser through the bristles thoroughly in a circular motion. Rinse the soap or cleanser out of the brush and ensure the bristles are reshaped before leaving the brush to dry in an upright or horizontal position.

Double cleanse your skin

Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, or a normal skin type, double cleansing is a great way to ensure you remove stubborn makeup and sunscreen, as well as oils, sweat and dirt that builds up through the day.

You’ll love our convenient I BEAUTY refreshing facial wipes as your first step into the double cleanse. After your makeup and sunscreen has been removed, you can move into the MAX stem cell facial cleanser to go deeper and take care of the oil and dirt build-up that can get trapped in your pores and lead to breakouts and an overall dull complexion.

For other single and double cleanse options, be sure to check out our Cleansers 101 page to find out which one will work best for you.

Embrace the exfoliation

Exfoliation is a very important step that leads to beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. Similarly to cleaning your makeup brushes, proper exfoliation can seem like a chore. On the plus side, it doesn’t have to be done on a daily basis. Instead, you can exfoliate your skin two or three times a week.

The purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells that build up on the surface level of your skin. If you fall behind on your exfoliation routine, your skin can look dull, feel rough, and may be more prone to breakouts. Luckily, a single exfoliation can instantly give you positive results even if you’ve fallen behind on it through the winter months.

There are two methods for exfoliation; physical and chemical. Both are effective and can be very helpful in restoring your skin’s radiance, though chemical exfoliation is normally considered to be the gentler option of the two.

Chemical exfoliation involves an acid, like salicylic acid or glycolic acid, as the sloughing agent. Both of these skincare acids will help dissolve surface debris, pore clogs, oils, and dead skin cells in a gentle yet efficient manner.

Physical exfoliation can be a bit more intense. It provides the same benefits as a chemical exfoliation, but uses a skin scrubbing product such as our ILUMA intense brightening exfoliating powder. When using an exfoliating powder, you can choose to use it with your favorite cloth or scrub, or use any number of exfoliating tools to help.

Enjoy the purifying mask

After your exfoliation, a weekly purifying mask is a great follow-up product to consider. Our I MASK purifying probiotic mask is a great option for various skin types as it contains a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to reduce dullness and restore vibrance.

In addition to a range of vitamins and minerals, you’ll also find activated charcoal that will penetrate deep into your skin’s pores to remove any build up that is clogging them. Cleaned pores will not only look smaller, but will also be less prone to blackheads, white heads, and acne outbreaks.

Help your brows bloom

Like spring flowers, giving your lashes and brows a chance to bloom makes perfect sense for the season! Thick lashes and brows are a popular trend that many people love, as opposed to the very fine lines of brows from the ‘90s. Even if you followed that trend of thin brows, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of rejuvenation to plump up your look.

After you apply our VITAL C hydrating anti-aging serum to your skin, you can start styling your brows and lashes to give your look a more robust image. It may take some time to let them naturally grow in and get some size, but once they do you can watch your lashes and brows bloom.

Love your lips

Your lips should not be overlooked and can benefit from the same amount of TLC the rest of your facial skin gets. The skin on your lips is delicate and thin, and can easily get chapped and dried out during the winter. When you’re working on your skincare for spring, consider adding our ORMEDIC lip enhancement complex to your routine.

Not only will you get a boost of ultra-hydration, but will also notice a plumper appearance of your lips thanks to the included polypeptide formula and avocado oil ingredients. The thoroughly hydrating effect of these ingredients will help treat or prevent dry and chapped lips, while also plumping up your perfect pout.

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